What Makes The Adult Fantasy NFT Different?

Adult Fantasy
3 min readNov 9, 2021

Adult Fantasy NFT is about to launch…

We are old school comic geeks & gamers who have teamed together after successful careers with Marvel, Cartoon Network, Film and Video creation… to invent something new and unique in the NFT space.

We have spent almost an entire year crafting every element of this project from the character designs and backstories, to the world building, to the technical wonders and play of our project.

Each element has been crafted to integrate into our plan of crowd-sourced world building into a universe with creative input and rewards for NFT owners and creators alike.

We have engineered and crafted a love letter to some old comics and cartoons and a parody of others, binding into our design and world building the self-deprecating humor of lovers of the comic universes that have come before us. But we desire to break free of the top down model of corporate franchises that crush and crunch creatives into the pockets of the few.

At the center of our project are characters who exist in an imaginary world. These characters have been lovingly designed and created using classic comic style. The world-building sets the stage for the comic storytelling.

But today, let’s focus on the breakthrough technology we are introducing.

Adult Fantasy NFT Grading

Our card cases and grading playfully turns real world card grading on its head. Our cards, though digital, are each uniquely aged having their own folds, bends, weathering and discoloration... to name a few artifacts of aging.


The journey is one that cannot be duplicated in the real world. We playfully have our cards de-age over time. Transforming from worn and low grade to potentially rising all the way to a perfect gem mint grade of 10.

This means that when you receive your Adult Fantasy NFT, it will be uniquely aged and worn. And over time your card will de-age in its unique time and way. So that as you hold your card, your card will grow towards mint condition. Right!?

But to throw things further on their head, each card’s de-aging journey is unique. You may be the owner of an extremely rare card that stays at 0.5… Does that make your worn card more rare and valuable… you’ll have to find out.

The de-aging over time also throws the idea of immediate value stamping by rarity traits out the window. At mint, most NFT owners immediately know if they got an “exceptionally rare” nft or if they simply got one of the other 9,900 mixed trait cards.

We wanted to parody this by shaking things up. We have 25 unique fine art comic characters, each with their own backstory and power traits. Each has special point values and other rarity elements.

But the element of rarity is gamified by having both the card rarity of character and level as well as the unique grading curve of each of the 10,000 minted NFTs.

Each owner will only know their card’s journey if they observe it over time. So we intentionally smash the idea that value is immediately discernible at mint. This makes the Adult Fantasy NFT cards potentially more resistant to market ups and downs, as the card’s journey is only revealed in its own time.

We are getting close to our launch and want to introduce you to as many of the breakthrough elements of our project as we can prior to our genesis launch.

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Adult Fantasy

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