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4 min readFeb 1, 2022

As February has arrived, we’d like to take a moment and present a “State Of The Adult Fantasy Union” update. We’ve announced quite a bit over the last month or so, but if you’re a bit new to Adult Fantasy or if you haven’t been to our AMA’s in a while you may have missed some amazing things.

The AF NFT launched mid-December of last year (Dec. 11th, 2021 was our public release date). Since then, we’ve been working full steam ahead on three core fronts. These three fronts include:

1. Technology

2. Adult Fantasy IP/Creative Brand

3. Partnerships


Technology development is core to our primary mission of creator independence. In our view, THE NFT IS THE PLATFORM. Since launch day, we’ve released a number of important updates to the AF NFT player.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve completed and publicly released:

  • a fullscreen viewer option
  • left/right control & movement options
  • render options for view quality.
Image taken from Opensea showing the low/high resolution render options and fullscreen view option

The team’s quality standards are very high, and these tech updates help to increase the experience and enjoyment of owning and viewing an AF NFT.

So what’s next on the technology front?

1. We’re actively developing new smart contracts and refactoring our G1 contracts. The next phase of AF will include the development and launch of a platform designed to assist a number of partner projects and collaborations in launching special, limited edition, “chase” NFTs. Our new contract structure will allow us and our partners flexibility to select from a variety of possible drop features while also greatly reducing gas for collectors. Active holders of an AF NFT will benefit from these partnerships. Details on benefits will vary partner to partner and project to project.

2. Historical data tracking. Located inside of the NFT viewer, this will give collectors the opportunity to view up-to-date historical changes of NFT grading over time. This will be useful for our Season 1 holders and will also open up all kinds of possibilities for partners’ projects.

3. Embed/share links. This will allow collectors, supporters, and fans to share their favorite AF NFTs across the interwebs!

Developments in the Adult Fantasy IP/Creative Brand:

The official website update.

The pre-launch version of the Adult Fantasy website focused heavily on the technology side of the project. Soon, this will be replaced by a new design which will focus on the art, lore, and world-building of Adult Fantasy.

Introducing the Adult Fantasy TableTop Role-Playing Game (AFTTRPG)

Our goal is to establish a system that generates crowd-sourced, community driven creative productivity with an eye towards one day competing with other giant IP character franchises. In order to accomplish this, we are developing a framework for community storytelling, lore and canon creation. We believe that the best platform for this creation engine is through engaged play.

We are actively building out an interactive community driven D&D-style RPG which will energize, utilize and reward creativity from the AF community feeding into and building towards an ongoing, evolving story campaign in the Adult Fantasy universe.

We envision that AF community members will be given prompts to create different elements of the ongoing campaign. From the creative input of the community, elements will be chosen and may even be used in a live game presentation. Some of these will likely become canon in the AF universe and may even become minted NFTs, rewarding the creator and building the community.

We also plan to implement a voting system which will give the community a chance to select community favorites for chosen aspects of story development, asset creation and character planning.

We are exploring an in-game point system which would create opportunities for engagement and reward active members. A point system when launched would require both playtesting and real world refinement.

In the near future, we will be updating the Discord to reflect these project plans.

Specific partnership developments will be announced as they are officially formalized! Exciting days ahead…

Our mission from day one has been to create a framework for the decentralized creation, ownership and governance of original IP and content. Once complete, the milestones above will provide the foundational layer for true community-generated and community-owned assets.

We are absolutely thrilled to be moving towards the dream that is the AF universe and none of this is possible without the continued support of our fantastic community!

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