Adult Fantasy
7 min readDec 9, 2021


On the eve of the Public Launch…

Let’s Deep Dive, shall we?

Mint Info:

Public Sale: December 11th

Mint price: .02 ETH + Gas

Total Supply: 2,200


Designed by a team of industry veterans from Marvel Entertainment & Cartoon Network, Adult Fantasy is the world’s premier crowdsourced, community built, superhero universe supported by a technological breakthrough NFT Grading System.


The Season #1 Adult Fantasy NFT collection includes 10,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain featuring 25 hand-drawn, non-generative characters housed in a protective digital case (slab) containing first-of-its-kind grading attributes.


Your Adult Fantasy NFT has its own randomized evolution timeline and uniquely secret end grade. Each graded Adult Fantasy NFT will continue to evolve regardless of the ups-and-downs of the market until reaching its final end grade state. This provides a first-of-its-kind opportunity for a market agnostic NFT asset…

…But, we have added a playful twist to the old real-world model.

Your Adult Fantasy NFT will reverse in time evolving from older to newer… moving from worn towards mint condition.

Each Adult Fantasy NFT card, at mint, begins with a grade of 0.5 corresponding to the associated grading scale standard. Wear and tear and other degrading or distinguishing elements will be visible and present at mint.

Over time, cards may become less and less “aged” and will have their condition grade increase programmatically as each card will uniquely progress towards its own distinct, predetermined final end grade state.

The grading curve above illustrates the general distribution curve of the final end grades of Adult Fantasy NFT minted cards.

Are you a holder?

Evolutionary grading updates on our OpenSea thumbnail every 24 hrs.



As an Adult Fantasy NFT card owner, you may discover that the card in your wallet has changed with each subsequent viewing…‍

…or not! :)

Doxxed Team:




Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur and product specialist, Todd is a 25+ year veteran of the animation and comic industries. He has helped create original I.P. for companies including Marvel Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. and KidRobot and has worked directly with creative legends Stan Lee and Jeff Koons (the most successful American artist since Andy Warhol).‍

As a mentor and advisor, Todd has worked with entrepreneurs from many of the world’s top startup institutions, incubators and accelerators, including the Thiel Fellowship, Techstars, The Startup Leadership Program, Columbia University and NYU.




Entrepreneur and full-stack senior software engineer, Melissa has worked with a number of venture backed startups and firms.

She’s been a guest speaker at a variety of meetups and conferences including GORUCO and Flatiron School.

From 2013–2020, Melissa was the co-organizer of the “Ruby Roundtable” one of the oldest and longest-running Ruby meetups in NYC.



Flint the Barbarian is an experienced developer in the games industry, with previous work as a full-stack engineer.

Flint earned a masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and brings cross-disciplinary experience in software engineering, art, and design to the team.




James is a screenwriter, actor and acting coach with an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. As an actor, James has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in regional theaters, in films, and on television.

James has coached actors into roles on stage (including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), in films, and on television (including Gotham, Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Last O.G., The Deuce, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Quantico, and The Family).




Jason is the former Sr. Video Editor & Video Director at Marvel Entertainment. Currently, Jason is working on many of the top Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) properties.

Jason holds credits on The Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki, and a few upcoming MCU movies yet to be announced.




Professional Voice Actor and Illustrator, Jenn holds a Bachelor of Arts in animation. Her animation credits include Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Threes Delivery, and Thumb Wrestling Federation for Viacom/Nickelodeon. Her voice acting credits include various audio books, game advertisements and children’s elearning content.

Opportunity #1: The SagaChain

The vision:

Create a new protocol incentivizing community driven creation of a moderated bottom-up creative universe with a consistent, defined continuity and ever-evolving canon.

Why now:

Every NFT project is searching for its own identity, whether in terms of brand expression or evolution. NFT projects are now approaching their communities to help decide who they are and what they become.

It is the perfect moment to transform the old model of top down character based franchises like Marvel or Star Wars into a true hybrid where both decentralized narrative world-building and artistic contribution meets team led quality control and consistency.

Decentralization meets the old school Dungeon Master!

ENTER Adult Fantasy.

Similar to old school D&D, AF development begins with a brief top down approach to set the foundational elements and “rules” of the universe. AF then acts as a “GM” (Game Master/Dungeon Master) which guides token holders/fans through lore creation, character development and artistic expression to create characters, develop stories and build the creative universe. This new lore becomes canon with the collaborative efforts of a team of skilled writers, artists, and developers. Ultimately, working in tandem with the Adult Fantasy Team, fans will forever control the direction of the universe.


How large can this new model grow? If it attracts skilled writers, artists and developers AND successfully guides and defines canon, the potential is larger than any other purely centralized model.

Is there a way to incentivize some of the world’s best creative talent to get involved and co-create such a universe?

A well-designed protocol could reward contributors — and the core team who both guide and maintain the canon — through clever token and reward economics.

Our first token based economic incentive is the Graded NFT. It is a gamified container for story and game elements.

In preparation for our Season One Launch, we have crafted the template for this universe. Now the structure is established and ready for community driven content and creation in this new model.

Opportunity #2: Graded NFT

Click to watch the Adult Fantasy NFT in action!

1. For generative projects: larger projects are no longer limited to simple rarity traits and/or token ID/serial number as the only value layer. Rarity can now be determined by a number of factors including autograph, condition, or special trait effects like holofoil, chromium, etc. The next BAYC can still have a rare gold-fur-laser-eyes, but now there can be multiple editions of that NFT each with different trait conditions.

2. For 1/1’s: 1/1 artists can now create large editions and compete with the generative projects without having to dilute the value of their work. One piece can potentially have thousands of variation opportunities, allowing a solo creator to truly make a living off of their work.

3. For holders of legendary NFT’s: For those looking to expand their influence, original, derivative works can utilize our tech to create their own projects and collector sets. The key here is “derivative” as we would never encourage anyone to break the TOS of another project.

4. For events: Our tech allows for exciting new NFT events like real-time comic-con style autograph signings. People who mint an NFT using our tech can show up to a livestream, hang out, and have a unique signature added to their NFT during the signing.

One more thing…

The case included in the AF NFT is fully engineered. Meaning, that at any point we can move into manufacturing and production of IRL slabs.

AF is both the launch of a character franchise AND groundbreaking NFT tech aimed at forming a new collectibility layer on top of the NFT market.

Our accomplishments so far:

- The first use of real-time, evolving, generative NFT grading technology.

- The first thumbnail and NFT to receive and display real-time data.

- The only custom web player for OpenSea.

- A custom, built-from-scratch, secure on-chain WL mint pass verification system (we plan on open-sourcing it for the rest of the community down the road).



Adult Fantasy

A crowdsourced NFT franchise w/ a sense of humor. It’s that classic 90’s cartoon & comics vibe with a twist! Join our discord: