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7 min readAug 20, 2021

Today we are taking you behind the scenes regarding our particular take on the critical nature of utility in the NFT space and what we are doing specifically with utility in the Adult Fantasy NFT universe.

“Utility” has risen up as one of the core, critical elements demanded of many of the leading NFT projects, and we are working diligently to do something unique in the Adult Fantasy NFT project.

The question we hear being asked by buyers is: “What can I DO with this thing that you are selling me?” Is this NFT a piece of artwork? Is this an avatar? Or is there something that I can do with this NFT that gives it a utility, function, or purpose beyond the digital avatar image so that it has a longer life and value beyond the hype of the moment?

We at Adult Fantasy NFT have been listening, and we have been building layers of utility into everything about our project. We believe this is what will make us a top project in the NFT space.

Here is the 30,000 foot view:

The NFT Utility Matrix for Adult Fantasy

We are building tiers of utility so that you are not stuck just buying something as an avatar, but rather thinking of the long-term value and utility of our NFT’s.


The foundation of our utility is based on our Characters. Quality characters are the core feature of any entertainment franchise.

Adult Fantasy is not a generative project. Todd Wahnish, our lead artist and team leader, is drawing each character by hand. What we call our “Season 1 Launch” has 25 unique characters. Rather than simply shuffling 800 rarity traits onto a base character as many projects have done, with Adult Fantasy each character in our project is created with artistic detail and fashioned with attention to strength of design. Todd has a background in character design having developed original properties for Marvel, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more. We aim to build the Adult Fantasy universe to rival other entertainment franchises with some critical distinctions.


“But wait,” you say, “isn’t art the opposite of utility!?” It’s true that if you Google “art and utility” the first thing that comes up is: “Art is anything but utility, it exists in direct contradiction to use value.”

But let’s pose a question, ‘what can art do?’ Well, specifically for us, classic comic and animation art is a cultural rallying cry. A unifying principle for culture lovers everywhere. And at its base, what does utility mean? “The state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.”

Entertainment franchises understand how comics and animation energize and mobilize their communities. They benefit and employ hundreds of thousands of people giving joy and entertainment to a multitude. The art at its center is critical to the success of the franchise.

We want our community of NFT owners to be able to succeed in participating actively in the development and journey of the Adult Fantasy NFT universe. Maintaining artistic integrity is key to the build-out of a creative franchise but this should not be an obstacle to community involvement. We are intentionally creating a crowd-sourced franchise. We believe that the power of this community and its involvement can and will raise the bar of what a property is able to be and become.

The successful artistic integration of fan created materials into the canon of the Adult Fantasy NFT universe is of paramount importance. Our fan base is the key to successful franchise building. Looking at MARVEL, DC, or Doctor Who, as examples of successful franchises, it is the energy of the fan base that is the key to successful life of the enterprise. But all too often, fans are simply cut out of the creative development and expansion of the property.

Our team has the creative resources and industry connections to make it possible for our NFT owners to be actively involved and supported in guiding and expanding the Adult Fantasy universe. What this means is that you as a participant in this universe will have the ability and access to interact with these characters and use these characters with a non-exclusive license developed specifically for this project. We want our community to have the ability to be involved actively and substantially in the development of this property and the characters.


Getting it made, getting it done… How do I get my creations out there?

The second key element is “Access.” Access is tied to our community as well. It is not enough just to have the artistic ability to do something, you also have to have the access to unlock that ability. A creator needs to be granted opportunities to develop their own brand or their own marketing strategy.

There are a growing number of exciting NFT projects in the marketplace, and members of our team have individually invested in many of them. Some of those projects have said, you own an NFT, go build your own brand from it. But many people do not know how to build a brand or where to start. You may own an avatar or rights to an NFT, but what do you do next?

Our team has been in brand-building for decades with some of the top companies in the world. We know what the process entails. One of the key elements in brand building is access. You need to have opportunities to join projects and connect with other professionals to grow your brand.

We will announce and divulge some of the development projects that we are building and opportunities we are creating for our community as we move towards our launch. We have a number of ways to support and provide access to our Adult Fantasy community to grow your own brand and expand in whatever direction you want to take your characters.


Because this is not a generative project, each character will have up to several hundred people who share in the interest to advance and develop this same character in the expanding Adult Fantasy universe. This gives us the opportunity to create different tribes within the larger community. It allows for people to come together and creatively dialogue in strategic implementation of project design moving this character forward.

For us, the foundation of our project is our characters: they are the rallying cry to the community of classic comic art lovers; owning a character is a potential path of access to brand-building and development; and they potentially launch a team or tribe of owners.


The card includes the character in its set of features. But there are other significant elements of the card itself, the card’s inherent traits, that make it distinct and desirable.


Owning an Adult Fantasy NFT will give you the ability to unlock and access things that you would otherwise not be able to access. The card itself will act as a membership key card.


If you have watched our demo promo, you may have noticed that our card has both a front and a back side. In the NFT space filled with avatars, this itself is unique in its design and potential for delivery of information and value. We are adding variable attributes to cards that make them unique and add rarity elements. These elements will be revealed incrementally as we progress towards launch. Suffice it to say, the cards themselves will have special abilities and certain cards will have defining traits that distinguish them. All of these elements are built to generate scarcity and provide more value to the community of card holders.


Owning the NFT card will not just be membership to the community, but will also give you, the owner, a non-exclusive license to do whatever you want to do with the character within defined parameters which are set to support the larger community. We will go into detail explaining the reasoning behind non-exclusive licensing rather than exclusive in an upcoming article.


Our cards are “slabbed” in a case which is very special and has unique attributes which we will reveal in future Medium posts.


We have created a secret and breakthrough evolutionary development in NFT grading which will be revealed soon!


We have built into our NFT cards fantastic art in combination with a host of functions and traits that will make Adult Fantasy NFT ownership highly collectible.


We are building into our essential framework an active partnership community between Adult Fantasy NFT owners and other companies which will provide holders unique brand building opportunities.

Most projects work to have one or two elements of utility, often suggesting possible utilities as a future design or developmental element. We are working to build in deep layers of long-term utility from the get-go.

Every aspect of the ADULT FANTASY project is utility focused.


We are building a franchise universe of classic characters that can be developed and used by our membership community.

We have designed cards that will act as a membership key card with attributes that make ownership meaningful and valuable over the life of this project.

We have created a case for our cards that makes each card uniquely collectible and establishes levels of rarity heretofore unseen in the NFT space.

We are building relationships with industry partners to support the growth and development of this franchise far into the future, with community involvement and participation as the key ingredient.

We invite you to be a part of the Adult Fantasy NFT universe!

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